A Last minute Christmas Delivery

For those of you that were in any doubt about how your donated furniture is used, please keep reading.

At 11:00am yesterday  morning (18/12/19), we received a call from Aster asking for our help; the job was to part furnish 3 empty properties for those people displaced by the fire at Waiblingen way. The fire had torn through a block of flats in Devizes sadly killing one lady and leaving many more with no dwellings just before Christmas.

We had completed 2 of the 3 properties that morning and  finished the third that afternoon. They weren’t fully kitted out but there was a sofa to sit on, a bed to sleep in and a fully functioning kitchen with white goods provided by KFR.

Whilst KFR had facilitated this very quick transition, in under 24 hours, we were only able to do so by having the items in stock which have been donated by you, the public.

In times of hardship it is encouraging to see the community take stock and offer their help and we are proud to be part of that local community.

Many thanks to our team who have worked so hard over the last 24 hours to make this happen.

The picture shown is of both our vans fully loaded with the teams ready for that last minute Christmas delivery.