Appliances You Should Consider Buying Second Hand

Are you thinking of buying your new appliance second hand? There’s lots of great reasons to buy used appliances:

  • Save yourself money!
  • Reduce the amount of appliances going to landfill
  • Cut back on all of the packaging going into your bin – especially plastic
  • Lots of perfectly good appliances get thrown away as households upgrade to suit their needs or the aesthetic of their home

Read our guide about how to buy high quality second hand appliances here.

Large Appliances to Buy Used

Here’s our top large appliances you can buy used and find lots of quality options. These options generally need very little maintenance and repairs over the course of their life and they cost the most money! So if you’re looking to save big on your kitchen purchases then here’s a great way to save.

Fridges and Freezers

Fridge freezers can last for a very long time with minimal repairs needed, with some able to last over a decade or more! Often people change their fridge and/or freezer for reasons which don’t affect their performance. you’re paying for the item…then it’s not worth it. Some common reasons households will swap their old fridge and/or freezer for a new model are:

  • The style doesn’t suit their kitchen after a remodel
  • Moving home and having less or more space so they need a new size
  • Changes in personal circumstances means that bending over to reach into the fridge may become difficult and having this higher up in a refrigerator would make life easier

Reasons like this means that you can grab yourself a bargain on your next refrigeration appliance that could last you many years.

Washing Machines + Tumbledryers

Washing machines and tumbledryers are another appliance where their practical use changes due to changes in circumstances…rather than the product becoming faulty or damaged.

  • Growing families need larger load capacity
  • Needing additional features that come with newer models such as cleaning cycles to reduce allergies
  • Kitchen remodel and changing from a standalone appliance to built in
  • Combining the washing machine and tumbledryer into one with a washer dryer to save on space

Small Appliances to Buy Used

This doesn’t just include standard kitchen items like microwaves, toasters and kettles but also more frivolous kitchen appliance purchases like blenders, mixers, smoothie makers, toastie makers, coffee machines, waffle makers….and more! Often these items are bought with good intentions and then remain unused in the back of a cupboard after one or two goes before losing interest. We’ve all been there…

Usually the key to buying these small appliances used is to ensure you give them a good clean before using them to get them good as new. Having a good limescale remover will come in very handy for a few items!

Does It Need Repairing?

If the appliance you’re looking at needs repairing, is it worth buying? It’s likely that even if you get a few years out of an appliance, the total saving is still worthwhile as you’ll be paying a fraction of the price at first. Consumer Reports says that if the used item needs repairing and the cost of the repair is more than 50% of what

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