How to buy quality second hand appliances

Buying your next home appliance second hand is a great way to save money and reduce the amount of usable appliances going to landfill. You can reduce packaging going to waste as new appliances come with a bin-full of packaging materials and not all of them are recyclable. But how do you ensure you’re buying good quality second hand appliances? We’ve broken down this easy checklist when buying second hand.

Your Questions Answered

Is it safe to buy second hand appliances?

Yes absolutely. Though be wary of buying appliances from individuals selling on Facebook Marketplace or eBay as they won’t offer any guarantees or return policy if someone goes wrong when you get it home. If you are buying from an individual then make sure to see the item before you pay and fully test that it works before you take it home with you.

What appliances are okay to buy second hand?

All home appliances such as cookers, hobs, washing machines, refrigerators, kettles, toasters and microwaves are safe to buy second hand. Make sure to fully check the item before you buy, test it where you can and get reassurances from the seller.

Use manuals

See if there’s a user manual available which will be handy down the line. If there isn’t a physical copy available then check the model number online with the manufacturer and see if there is a PDF version that you can download.

Energy rating

Older appliances typically have lower energy ratings than newer models so check this with the paperwork or by searching the model number online.

Check for recalls

Manufacturers will list any product recalls, make sure you have the model number to search this and be sure that this appliance you’re looking at buying hasn’t been recalled due to any faults or known issues.

Second Hand Appliance Checklist

Visual checks

Don’t be put off by dirt or cosmetic marks and damage as this isn’t detrimental to how well the appliance will work.

Test the appliance

Where possible see if you can test that the appliance works e.g. a kettle or microwave can be plugged in and you can check the settings. This isn’t possible with every appliance and in particular larger appliances, so check with the seller about their guarantee or returns policy.

Are the wires in good condition?

Don’t be put off by dust and dirt but ensure that the wires are intact, no fraying or damage to them. Speak to the seller about the tests they’ve run on the appliance as they’ve likely covered this.

Get the model and /or serial number

Parts can be easily found online particularly for things like handles, knobs and trays. Having the model or serial number will make the process of finding these much quicker.

How to Clean Up Second Hand Appliances

How to clean a second hand microwave

Though crusted on grease and food may look off-putting this is easily resolved and doesn’t negatively impact how well the microwave works. Place a bowl with water and vinegar into the microwave and turn it on for a minute or two. The steam will soften and loosen the food and grease so you can more easily wipe it away.

How to clean a smelly washing machine

All washing machines can easily become a little mouldy and damp from not drying out fully or a long time without being used. But this is easily resolved with a good clean and many machines have a service cycle to help combat this. Remove the detergent drawer and give it a good soak and scrub as this is where you will find a build up of mould. If it’s quite bad then use a bleach or a mould remover but make sure to do this in a well ventilated area. The next spot where mould can hide is in and around the seal particularly where water pools at the bottom. Gently pull back the seal to clean the area and use bleach or mould spray if needed.

How to clean a dirty kettle

Kettles are prone to limescale build up and especially in some parts of the country. A good descaling kit will do the trick but if you want to avoid chemicals then lemon, vinegar and baking soda will also have the same result.

How to clean a used oven

There are lots of cleaning solutions specifically designed for grease and food build up in ovens. But if that cleaning task seems daunting then there are plenty of oven cleaning services who will come to your home and have your oven looking good as new in a couple of hours. Remember that trays and racking can be replaced too.

Buying Second Hand Appliances from KFR Devizes

Here at KFR in Devizes we have a range of second hand home appliances in our showroom which are all fully checked and tested by our expert team.