Top Tips for Buying Second Hand Furniture

Are you planning on furnishing your home and making use of second hand furniture? Second hand or used furniture is a great way to furniture and update your home without it costing a fortune. You can find antique and retro furniture but also modern pieces so there’s something to suit every home. If you’re looking for a fun DIY upcycling project then you will be spoilt for choice. 

Here at KFR we’re experts on selling and buying second hand furniture so we’ve got a few top tips that you’ll find useful when shopping second hand. 

If you’re local to Wiltshire then pay us a visit! We’re based in Devizes and have a showroom filled with second hand furniture and electrical goods. Get directions to visit us here.

Tips from the KFR Team

Here’s a few top tips from the team here at KFR to help you when buying second hand furniture for your home. Whether it’s a new bed, mattress, sofa, coffee table or wall art. 

Have a Second Hand Shopping List

This goes for all shopping trips! Know what it is you’re looking for when shopping around for second hand furniture. This will help prevent you getting carried away and buying furniture that you don’t need or have space for right now. However, if you find something you fall in love with then don’t be afraid to snap it up before it’s gone and find a way to make use of it later!

Measure Your Space

When you find a piece of second hand furniture you love you’ll need to act fast to buy it before someone else does, as there won’t be anything else like it available. So have your measurements to hand so you can check that it will fit and make a quick decision as soon as you see it. Don’t risk buying furniture without knowing your room measurements as “eye balling” it can be very misleading when you’re viewing the item in a large showroom. It’s easy to overestimate the size of your home. Also be aware of the size or hallways and doorways to make sure you can easily carry your furniture (especially a sofa) into the room. 

Set a Budget

The best part about buying second hand is that you will find quality furniture for significantly less than buying brand new. Your money will go a lot further. But keep a budget in mind so that you don’t get carried away or overspend.

Research Where To Buy

There’s lots of places to buy second hand furniture both online and in person. Shopping for second hand furniture in person makes a great day out and you’ll find lots of hidden gems. Googling is a great place to start but keep in mind that many small businesses won’t have big budgets for advertising so check on maps and find recommendations on social media.

Be Open Minded

When shopping around for second hand and used furniture you will find a huge range of periods and designs. Keep yourself open to finding something unexpected and not what you had planned. If you have really specific requirements for your next sofa or coffee table then you might struggle to find exactly what you want and you will miss out on finding something truly special. 

Your DIY Abilities

Before beginning your shopping trip, assess your own abilities to upcycle a piece of furniture and be able to assess items you find. Some things might need a good clean whereas others may need sanding and a fresh coat of paint. How much effort are you willing to put in? Be ready to turn down some items if you don’t have time to give it the care it needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions When Buying Second Hand Furniture

Here’s a few commonly asked questions from people buying second hand furniture.

What furniture can I buy second hand?

Buying second hand has become bigger than ever which is great for those of us looking to grab a bargain for our homes without it hitting our wallets too hard whilst also reducing our environmental impact. Here’s just a few things you can find available to buy second hand: 

  • Sofa and arm chairs
  • Beds and mattresses
  • Coffee tables and side tables
  • Console units and side boards 
  • Desks
  • Dining tables and chair sets
  • Electrical goods: ovens, washing machines, refrigeration
  • Mirrors, paintings and wall art 
  • Wardrobes and chest of drawers
  • Furnishings and accessories

The best part of buying second hand is that you never know what unique piece of furniture you’ll find during your shopping trip and there’s something new every time you visit. 

Is it a good idea to buy second hand furniture?

Absolutely! There’s lots of great reasons to buy second hand furniture for your home but just a few of our top reasons are: 

  • Less furniture going to landfill and reduce waste
  • Save money and furnish your home on a budget
  • Find something unique that no one else has 
  • Take something old and fix it up to make it truly custom for you
  • Support smaller local businesses and your local community

How to buy good second hand furniture

There’s lots of good second hand furniture available and how “good” it is depends on a couple of things: 

  • Are you buying it from a trusted second hand reseller or charity? A reputable business will thoroughly check the items before making them available to buy. 
  • If the item needs a bit of TLC, are you prepared to carry out the necessary care and DIY to clean it up? 
  • Give the item a thorough check in the showroom – more on this below.

How to check second hand furniture

  • Speak to the team who work there – they’re experts in second hand and can help you check everything over
  • Test out all of the different mechanisms such as opening doors, pulling out drawers
  • If you’re buying a second hand bed or sofa then spend some time in the showroom sitting or lying on it and making sure it’s comfortable for you
  • Look the furniture from every angle including the back, underneath and inside
  • Buy from a second hand shop that tests their electrical goods and offers guarantees

Visit the KFR Showroom in Devizes

Find your next piece of second hand furniture by visiting the KFR showroom in Devizes, Wiltshire. Get directions here.