Coping with Covid Part 2

An update for our supporters in light of Lockdown 3 initiated by the government on December.

KFR is an essential service in our community and has continued to keep the warehouse doors open throughout phase 3.   A decision was taken by our board to work within restricted hours with no Saturday opening.  This has proved invaluable to partner organisations assisting the most disadvantaged who depend on the KFR lifeline.  We have continued to supply our colleagues, households in our community needing our caring support.  Keeping the link open to this fragile section of the community in Wiltshire with the necessary white goods and furniture. KFR comply to the safe doorstep/collection delivery policy.

The quarantine of all items still relentlessly adhered to, making the logistic of storage ongoing. 

Thank you to the Wiltshire Community Foundation whose generous January charitable donation/grant in this bleakest of months cushioned the blow of lockdown, enabling KFR  to better cope with the stark reality of Covid 19? 

The charity also  thanks our supporting public who sustain KFR with donations destined for the most vulnerable, those at risk in our community. 

For example, the donated cooker is a lifeline, feeding one or six, making the difference between hot foods or sad cold scraps for the newly resettled homeless, the victims of domestic violence, those in overwhelming financial crises.

Taster of good things happening soon – How has KFR survived and thrived during cheerless Covid 19?

Light at the end of the tunnel, a cliché maybe but in this instance KFR does have a large hole in its warehouse premises!  Not a virtual gap but a real living breathing extension in progress, the existing premises, on completion doubling our workplace.