Danny Kruger MP opens KFR extended warehouse premises

On May 21 2021 local dignitaries, respected colleagues, KFR staff and volunteers attended at a safe distance, mindful of the Covid regulations, the much anticipated opening of the vast new KFR warehouse.

The door to our premises burst open at the appointed time with a dog whose name we quickly learnt is Pebble.  Following in Pebble’s slipstream and clutching the end of a lead, our distinguished member for Devizes had arrived.

Danny Kruger MP untied the ribbon then talked to his audience about the importance of recycling, repair and reuse.  Danny is very supportive of the concept that KFR sells white goods and used furniture at affordable prices to people who need them the most.

Danny Kruger mentioned that he will suggest to the Prime Minister, currently embroiled at the time in Wallpapergate, might care to visit KFR and pick up some bargains for No 10.

KFR first opened its doors 25 years ago, the current team of staff and volunteers represent the original aims and objectives. The enterprise and neighborliness are as strong as ever in this community. 

Juliet Singer 25/07/2021