KFR Interviews…Harley

KFR Interviews… Harley

An occasional snapshot of a member of staff talking about their working life at KFR.

Monday March 6 2023



A local lad born and bred in Wiltshire, attended Southbroom and Devizes Comprehensive.

How did you find your way to KFR? Tell me about Kickstart*?     

Covid had struck and like so many unemployed I was rapidly sinking into the gloom that accompanied the pandemic. Finally, I visited the local Job Centre, met Poppy in a face-to-face interview, next thing I was talking to Dan Thompson General Manager at KFR. I almost knew immediately or at least I hoped that after Dan had explained the Kickstart initiative I would be selected, and I was!

And the position you hold within the charity and exactly what you have responsibility for?

Gradually with great understanding plus brilliant mentorship I have become KFR Warehouse Operator.  After 2 years and with a slightly shaky start I am on a level playing field enjoying my responsibilities and the role I have within the charity. I enjoy being able and encouraged to tackle a diversity of tasks. I help load the vans, don’t mind cleaning out a van, take photos of KFR items for publicity,responsible for precise measurements of items, able to do small repairs to furniture. When all these varied opportunities were offered I grabbed them!

What do you find are most satisfying moments about the KFR work environment?

I appreciate the opportunity KFR has given to break away from a cycle of bad behaviour I had acquired and am not proud of. As a result I have shaken off the insecurity of the Covid sense of uncertainty. KFR has been an important support and provided a brilliant opportunity to build my confidence. I am not at all sure where I might have ended up without this job, certainly not in a good place.

What did you find difficult, how do you problem solve?

My most important lesson on the warehouse floor is that if tensions arise to tackle the problem head on, not to let a grievance however minor fester and become major. Talking is great, silence is not.

Harley’s Hobbies:

I am bit of a Star Wars enthusiast, putting it mildly and dream of owning a Lego Star Wars display stand to show off my considerable collection of SW treasures.

Harleys Favourite Food

Meat roast and veg which I cook for the family, a pastime I enjoy.

Harleys relax

We have 3 much loved dogs who appreciate a walk. I love exercise and open spaces, I worked for a couple of weeks pre Covid on a local charity farm, also a happy learning curve.

’’ … because no one should be without a bed to sleep on, a cooker to cook on or a sofa to sit on…’’ REUSE NETWORK 2019

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*The Kickstart Scheme 

The Kickstart scheme was introduced by the government in April 2021. The aims and objectives being to assist employers by providing funding to create job placements for 16-24 year olds who are at long term risk of unemployment.