Our People

KFR is made up of an incredible group of people who believe in what we’re trying to achieve and want to support their community. Read more about our team below and find out about KFR volunteering opportunities here.

The Trustees

ian from the KFR board of directors - wears glasses and is smiling to the right

Ian Poulton

Former experience of being a trustee / chair of a charity in the USA, and leading them through significant change and growth, through creative thinking, planning discipline and execution management. Then 40 years working in industry covering strategy, finance, employee development and supply chain

Growth, so much more opportunity to make a difference in the community. But growth in revenue means  growth in resources. Keeping them in balance will be a challenge.

Hopefully I have already helped make a difference through a new approach to looking at KFR’s finance reporting, budgeting and strategic planning. Certainly we have seen positive results from our planning for growth proactively, and we have seen the benefit from the KFR community fund, and KFR employee sharing fund.

It has been fun watching the charity grow exponentially in the past few years, both physically and the team has grown also, while exceeding budget / forecasts, integrating new business, and investing in the charity (new vans, solar panels, space growth ). I would be remiss if I didnt say that I really enjoy working with the KFR team, such wonderful caring people!

Seb Longo

A few years ago I heard about KFR through a friend and I really liked it. I became a regular customer and Dan approached me and asked me if I would consider being a trustee for KFR. I accepted because the help they provide to the community and needed people is inspiring. I bring years of experience in running my own customer facing business that I can share my knowledge.

I feel the biggest challenge is also the biggest opportunity which is the internet. 

l’m proud of being part of a very good team and helping the community.

pamela is on the KFR board of trustees and is smiling to her left

Pamela Collier

I found out about KFR through Reach Volunteer website and wanted to provide support to a local charity. Becoming a Trustee to would enable me to help make a difference and assist in decision making opportunities.

As I had worked in a Human Resources Department for over 35 years I believed I could bring some expertise in that field to KFR.

Challenges would be to ensure we have enough furniture and or white goods to cope with the increase in demand within the current climate, and opportunities for KFR as I see it, is to either expand further or stay as a smaller organisation, also to help volunteers or paid staff to grow in their current role or move into an alternative position and either stay with KFR or to assist then to gain employment elsewhere.

I see myself providing support and encouragement to the General Manager, ensuring we stay within the legal system, and be a sounding board for any issues that come up, and ensure we employ the right people.My favourite thing of being a trustee is seeing the company grow, seeing people increase their skills, learning and self esteem improvements.

Juliet (Former Trustee)

Juliet has been with KFR for 7 years.

Initially, as a trustee, using her contacts and experience to promote KFR, getting our very own Dan T on the TV!

Most recently, Juliet has been saving the artwork that comes into KFR, and with her experience from Christie’s and Sotheby’s… she has organised, sorted, and squirrelled away some incredible art for Juliet’s Pic of the Week.

In Juliet’s own words… “Art is Wonderful”, the pic of the week, is now a firm favourite at KFR, selling incredible art at amazing prices and saving these pics from landfill.

Yvonne Pearce

I was looking for a new volunteering opportunity, ideally supporting the conservation of resources or reuse, and I saw an advertisement for a trustee position at KFR. The role matched my passion for reducing waste and offered an opportunity to be involved with a growing furniture reuse charity. I was also impressed by how KFR helped people in need by making essential household goods at a very reasonable cost or free of charge via the Crisis Provision Fund.

Prior to leaving local government, I spent 34 years working in the waste management sector.

I bring extensive knowledge of the recycling and waste industry, especially as I continue to keep up with the latest developments and volunteer for the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management South West region.

I also bring project, contract, and general management skills and a good understanding of Health and safety management.

Our Volunteers

tony is a KFR volunteers he is wearing a jacket and a dark hat


Meet Tony Mason who works across all areas of KFR but with a focus on cleaning up our refurbed white goods.


He loves our mission and the fact we save furniture and white goods from landfills.

darren is a KFR volunteer wearing a black jumper and he is smiling at the camera


Meet Darren Smith a volunteer who dedicates one day a week to KFR.

Despite being a brain injury survivor and unable to work full-time, he is an excellent team member who is always willing to help with a smile on his face.

He never lets anything hold him back.

Our Employees

sally is a KFR volunteer wearing a black tshirt and glasses


Sally is our Warehouse supervisor.

We asked Sally why she likes working at KFR; Sally commented that no day is the same and there is a variety of things going on.

“I love helping people” ❤️

samad works at KFR he is working a grey tshirt and a green cap


Say hello to Samad Abdul who is a Senior White Good Technician.

“I love working at KFR because it deals with people in need, helping people. I also fix white goods, and it’s a job I love.” ❤️

Samad loves the people he works with and the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives genuinely.

Jim is wearing a dark coat, glasses and is smiling at the camera

James "Big Jim"

Say hello to James Broadfoot, or ‘Big Jim.’ 👋

Jim is an Engineer working hard to meet the demand for white goods.

Jim loves the flexibility; every day is a different challenge, and every customer has a different need.

“I love meeting customers’ we are here to serve.” ❤️

fran is a KFR employee with glasses, hair in a ponytail and wearing a scarf whilst smiling


Say hello to Francis Leithes who is our Office Supervisor.

And loves how busy it is in the office and how each day is different. She also loves all the incredible furniture and other goods that are donated to us.

“I love the fact that two days are never the same and the fantastic stuff we get at KFR”

glen works at KFR he is wearing a blue polo neck tshirt, glasses and is smiling at the camera


🚚 Glen Hickey is again part of our fabulous Van crew team…

When asked what working for KFR means to him, this was his response…

“I just love being out and about, meeting the people who are benefiting from the charity.” ❤️💪

josh is a KFR team member in a dark top and wearing glasses whilst smiling at the camera


🚚 Josh is part of our awesome Van crew delivering and collecting furniture and white goods across Wiltshire.

Josh finds helping people the most rewarding part of working at KFR.

“Every day is different; helping people furnish their homes is so rewarding.” ❤️

simon is wearing glasses and a dark high vis jacket and a long beard


Meet Simon…our Operational Supervisor. 😀

“A chance encounter on a local canal bank in 2009/10 with a trustee of KFR directed me to apply for the position of volunteer van driver. My life had taken a spiral downwards, low mentally and physically. I was in need of a focus, which KFR provided.”

harley is a KFR team member wearing a black polo neck tshirt and smiling


Meet Harley, our Warehouse Operator

“KFR has been an important support and provided a brilliant opportunity to build my confidence. I am not at all sure where I might have ended up without this job; certainly not in a good place.”