Terms & Conditions

Sales and Orders

We sell used, pre-owned goods. They may show signs of ‘wear and tear’. We charge a price that reflects the condition they are in. We have checked all major functions of all white goods and we sell them in good working order.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the goods are suitable for their intended purpose.

We cannot provide the original maker’s guides or manuals but we do have general guidelines leaflets.

We adhere to the Distance Selling Regulations. If you buy from us at a distance (over the phone or the Internet), you have the right to change your mind within seven working days of delivery, you must notify us in writing. In the event that you exercise this right, you will be responsible for the cost of us collecting the goods. Please contact us to arrange and agree a collection date and time. You must ensure that the goods are in the same condition as when we supplied them. We will then give you a full refund, minus the cost of collection.


To accept the goods, you must be a responsible adult. If there are any faults or problems with the condition, delivery or installation, you must tell the delivery team at the time. If you reject the goods as not being in good condition we will not deliver them.

Collection and delivery

We cannot offer a guaranteed collection or delivery time. Times quoted are estimates. If you are not present when we arrive on the agreed date and time, we will charge you for re-delivery.

Due to the nature of the goods, appropriate transportation is necessary. If you decide to transport the goods in your own vehicle and damage arises, we will not accept liability for the damage.

We will deliver to anywhere within Wiltshire. We charge £10 for delivery

We will collect from anywhere within Wiltshire. We do not charge for collection but a donation towards fuel costs is always appreciated.

Removal and installation

We will collect from you and deliver your purchased furniture and white goods.

Floor coverings can be damaged when heavy items such as washing machines are removed or/and a replacement is installed. Whilst we take every reasonable precaution when removing or installing goods, occasionally some damage to floor coverings is unavoidable. We do not accept responsibility for such damage. If you are unwilling to accept this condition, we will not remove or install your goods. You must ensure that you protect or remove floor covering to avoid damage.

We may agree to install white goods (but not cookers) at our discretion. We will only install items if suitable electrical and plumbing connections are available and if there is a practical location for the goods to be installed. If these are not provided, we will charge you if you wish us to make another visit to complete the installation.

We will not connect cookers. You must arrange for this to be done by a qualified electrician.

We will not collect items that have been left outside in wet weather.


We offer a six month warranty from the date of delivery on cookers, washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers and refrigeration. You must maintain the goods in accordance with supplied KFR guidelines. These cover the main functions of the goods. Minor functions that are not essential for the general use of the goods are not covered by the warranty.

We will not offer a warranty if you or a third party collects and/or transport the goods.

We will accept a warranty claim if the goods are faulty and if you have not misused or damaged or made any repairs or modifications to them. If you wish to make a claim under a warranty, you must do so in writing within the warranty period. You must take all reasonable steps to confirm that the goods are faulty before making a claim.

If you make a warranty claim when the problem has been caused by yourself or a third party’s faulty installation or by faulty plumbing or electrical wiring or by poor maintenance (for example, failing to clean filters), then we will charge you for a service visit or for collection, re-testing and re-delivery.

If goods are found to be faulty and covered by the warranty, we will repair or replace them at no cost or offer credit at our discretion.

The warranty is limited to the goods supplied.

Claims for losses

We will deliver goods in a working condition. If damage occurs when you use the equipment, you must let us know in writing. Each case will be considered on its merits. We will not accept claims for any defrosting and consequent loss of frozen food stored in a freezer (this will normally be covered under your house contents insurance policy). You must ensure you take all reasonable precautions that appliances are operated correctly, in a safe manner and are not left unattended for long periods.

Appliance Electrical Safety

We have tested all appliances in accordance with relevant legislative requirements. We strongly recommend that you do not operate your machine whilst not at home.


All items should be paid for prior to delivery. We prefer that payment is made by card over the phone however, Cash-on-delivery may be acceptable and this must be in cash only as we do not accept cheques or BACS transfers.

We offer a two tier pricing system. If you are in receipt of a means tested benefit, then you will pay the lower price. We may require proof that you receive a means-tested benefit.

Statutory Rights

These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

Updated June 2022