The Axis Foundation – Thank You!

KFR would like to thank the Axis Foundation for their generous grant of £5.000.00 over 3 years to the KFR Provision Fund.

‘The Axis Foundation works in the heart of communities to help individuals, groups, charities and causes who need financial assistance. Axis believes in giving as a long term hand up not a short term handout’ 

What is the Provision Fund?   The KFR Provision Fund was established in June 2017.  This fund donates, white goods and furniture, often free, to other Wiltshire charitable organizations who contact the charity. Currently KFR receives urgent requests from over 50+ local organizations including Wiltshire Council, CAB, Splitz support and the Richmond Fellowship.

The referrals are made for crisis situations, homelessness as result of domestic violence, marital/partnership breakup/loss of job/transgender issues/mental illness/alcoholism and drug related issues.

Below are Case Studies, examples of how the KFR Provision Fund can provide a lifeline to the socially marginalized:

Referral 1.   Female having fled from domestic violence issues to a refuge. She now has firm offer of secure suitable accommodation.  But she had absolutely zero white goods or furniture.  KFR delivered and provided the essential items to get her life back on track.  This story was reported in the Wiltshire Gazette & Herald.

Referral 2.  From the safeguarding lead at the school.  Within 4 days of contacting KFR the family of 2 adults and 4 children under 10 were able to move from a shared house to start again in a new home.  The father has been out of work as a result of Covid, the  family has been surviving on tax credits and child benefit. KFR was immediately able to respond and deliver a tumble dryer and washing machine, vital items to support and assist in the rehabilitation a young family. 

Feferral 3.  A disabled male fleeing domestic violence had been living in his car for 6 months.  He cannot read or write.  In his new accommodation KFR were able to provide a cooker, washing machine, tumble dryer and a fridge freezer, all delivered by the charity to his address.  Thus giving him the opportunity and support to recover from the severest of traumas.

KFR has to raise funds to keep the Provision Fund coffers alive and this is exactly how Axis Foundation has contributed and generously assisted this much needed resource.  

To date KFR Provision Fund has been able to give to our partners in need, £34,000 of free white good and furniture. 

To find out more about the excellent work the Axis Foundation is doing, follow the below link.


a kfr volunteer working in the wiltshire showroom