The Big Move

At first light on a thankfully clear and crisp morning, January 10 2020, The Big Move to extricate a huge shipping container commenced.

Orchestrated by Operations Manager Dan Thompson, the well organised team of KFR staff and volunteers, colleagues from Gaiger Bros, Aster and Herman Miller Office Furniture,  began the task of clearing the warehouse to allow this massively heavy and unsightly container to be removed.

This container had housed the primitive, out dated toilet facilities for 5  years.  Hard work and dedication from our team  dealt with this monster in record time.

 To facilitate this operation, the warehouse had to be closed for the day in order to move the entire engineering bay and shift all the warehouse items out on to the forecourt. The container was then fork lifted out of the warehouse and all the items finally heaved back in to place.  The weather remained perfect, without a drop of rain or flake of snow coming in to play and ruining this major operation.

The large space left by the container removal allows for a redesigned engineering bay which includes an improved user friendly testing area plus some much needed extra floor space in the warehouse.  A big well done to everyone!

As a result of the container removal KFR has been able to build the Doug Western Restrooms. From the crumbling almost lean-to shed on our premises a transformation has occurred, in the shape of these new toilet facilities.   The lean-to housed unwanted wood from the workshops including, off cuts and furniture parts, which KFR converted to kindling wood.

An extension has been built by the local artisan builder Simon Bishop to provide up to date facilities for staff and visitors. Doug Western MBE, our esteemed colleague was happy to give his name to the project, fund-raised 5K towards the final costs.   Simon fashioned the plaque in his honour which reads The Doug Western Restrooms opened January 2020.  

KFR are now proud owners of elegant, modern staff facilities, a disabled toilet, plus men’s and women’s toilet. Whitewashed brick walls, tiled floors, the satisfaction of having state of the art toilets was welcomed by all.