KFR: Furniture and white goods reuse charity…

Welcome to KFR, a hard-working and dedicated reuse charity based in the stunning market town of Devizes, Wiltshire.

Our mission is to refurbish furniture and white goods, making quality items available to households with limited income.

Let’s delve into KFR’s heart warming story and the positive impact it has on the local community.

The KFR Story…

A Second Chance for Furniture and White Goods.

We believe that every piece of furniture and every white good deserves a second chance. Our dedicated team collects unwanted serviceable furniture and white goods, breathing new life into them. By refurbishing these items, we ensure they find their way into homes where they are needed most.

Sustainable Furnishing on a Budget

Our vast showroom features an array of second-hand furniture and white goods. Whether you’re looking for a cosy sofa, a sturdy dining table, or a reliable washing machine, we’ve got you covered.

Furnish your home sustainably without breaking the bank. Plus, by choosing us, you’re actively contributing to environmental sustainability by reducing landfill waste.

Community Support

We’re more than just a furniture store. KFR is deeply rooted in the local Wiltshire community. We try to make as much of a difference as we can within Devizes, our local Wiltshire community and our planet.

What do we do…

Refurbish furniture and white goods to make quality items available to families with limited income.

Revive communities by removing unwanted items, reducing landfills and retraining people with new skills.

We offer a free collection service for all donated second-hand furniture and white goods across Wiltshire.

As for delivery, well, it’s one flat rate of £20! So, whether it’s a sofa or a house full of furniture and white goods, it costs the same. All deliveries within Wiltshire are just £20.

Through our Provision Fund, in 2023, we’ve supplied over £38’000 worth of free goods to those in crisis. Helping 428 people with much-needed furniture and kitchen appliances

Our customers rave about the friendly service and the positive impact KFR has had on their lives. From transforming flats into cosy homes to going the extra mile during deliveries, our team is committed to making a difference.

We also focus on the reduction of C02 due to all our reuse efforts we save an average of 30’000 Kg of Co2 every month

Making an Impact…

In 2023 alone, KFR achieved impressive milestones:

  • 10,160 items of furniture, large and small household appliances we’re saved from landfill
  • Approximately 230 tonnes of preloved furniture and white goods were reused
  • 20 dedicated volunteers supported KFR’s mission.

How You Can Get Involved…

Shop with Purpose…Come and visit our showroom, rummage through the treasures, and find your next favourite piece. Every purchase supports us and our community.

You can donate… If you have furniture or white goods to spare, donate them to KFR and help someone else create a comfortable home. You can also support us financially with your donations. It all goes towards our provision and helping those in crisis within our community.

Why not Volunteer… We employ a team of local people, but we also have an incredible bunch of volunteers. Why not join our fantastic team? Whether you’re handy with tools or passionate about customer service, if you have spare time and you’d like to get involved, do give us a call; you’ll have a place at KFR.

A final note…

We aren’t just about furniture; it’s about hope, community, and sustainability.

Together, we’re helping our community, supporting people rebuild their homes, and we are looking after our planet.

We are committed to sustainability and to our community in all that we do.

By shopping with us, you’re not only furnishing your home but also making a positive impact on the lives of others.

Come and join the #reuserevolution